The BAK-Board-II provides for a fast, no-nonsense approach to bore-sight alignment of small-arms, pistol mounted, TOW, LAW, GIL, vehicle system as well as many other MILES laser  transmitters. 624 detector circuits and 20mm x 20mm of resolution provides for not only boresight adjustment, but beam profile verification as well. Bright, narrow beam LEDs provide visual feedback to the shooter (visible from > 100 meters). The BAK-Board uses a mere 30 mA  of quiescent current from an internal 12 Volt 2.9A hr. battery. The large solar panel (mounted in a shallow recess on the top of the main body) charges the battery when used in sunlight. An external power receptacle located on the control panel permits charging from any 120VAC / 60 Hz.outlet when used in low light conditions for extended periods.

  • 100% stainless steel main body with tripod legs that stow on the sides and bottom (the two front legs stow on the side and double as handles).

  • Environmentally sealed with replaceable desiccant breather that continuously removes moisture from the interior while eliminating internal pressurization.

  • Stand-alone operation requires no additional equipment (computer, interface, camera, etc.)

  • 12 position (2 dB per step) sensitivity control

  • 1/4" tempered glass window for strength and scratch resistance. A protective door doubles as a sun shade to improve visibility at long range.

  • Dimensions: 29" W x 32" H x 7" D (stowed configuration)

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